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The current file hosts that this site supports are Filesmonster and Rapidgator. Here are some info on them:

Filesmonster – If you are purchasing a premium account, please be guided that there is a limit for your total downloads ( Premium Page Link ). You can buy premium directly to the site or through their partner sites and you’ll be given free membership to (Check the “Special Offer” on their premium page to see their partner list of gay porn sites).

Please feel free to contact them if you have any problems with membership or speed/network issues: Support Link

Rapidgator – They have limited payment options but you can still use credit/debit/virtual card with it. The download speed is also fast and stable. They use to have a daily limit but I believe it has become a monthly bandwidth limit of how much you can download (limit depends on the plan you choose). Also, this filehost deletes files for inactivity so most of the older files here have dead Rapidgator links.

Additional Filehosts: Datafile and Keep2share

Tip: You can use your Paypal account to buy Bitcoins. Just search for a local reputable bitcoin seller on Local Bitcoins and do a Paypal to Bitcoin exchange. Filesmonster and Rapidgator both accept Bitcoins so there is no need for direct credit card transactions.

Automated Download Managers:

Pyload (Windows, IOS, Linux, NAS)

Jdownloader (Windows, IOS, Linux)

Mipony (Windows, Android)

Reupload Requests:
I will only entertain reuploads to filehosts that this site uses(Filesmonster, Rapidgator, Datafile, Keep2share and for the split files). Some reupload requests can take a long time and I may just create a new post for it. Please be patient.


07/06/16 – Streaming links from Filesmonster have been stopped. It is the same problem last May.

05/07/16 – There’s an ongoing problem with generating streaming link from Filesmonster. I have reported the it but if the problem still continues, I might resort to other filehosts for streaming only. (Update: problem fixed)


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